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One of my favorite jobs has been hosting the Disney Channel show Movie Surfers. I've gotten the chance to travel to some of the world's biggest movie sets and interview some of the most prominent members of the entertainment industry.



Some of the movies/actors I've covered are: 


Beauty and the Beast (Emma Watson, Josh Gad)

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (Felicity Jones, Donnie Yen, Diego Luna)

Marvel's Dr. Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch)

Marvel's Captain America: Civil War (Robert Downey Jr.)

Star Wars: The Force Awakens (Daisy Ridley, John Boyega, BB-8)

Pete's Dragon

The Finest Hours

Big Hero 6 (Ryan Potter)

Finding Dory


Inside Out (Amy Poehler, Bill Hader)

Alexander and the Terrible Day


And more!

Blaine and Chewbacca on the Millenium Falcon Set: London, UK

 Blaine and Chewbacca in the Millennium Falcon on the set of Star Wars: The Force Awakens: London, UK 

Some Videos...

Beauty and the Beast (Emma Watson)

This is what I like to call a "dream come true" trip. One of the most memorable Movie Surfer trips by far. I've been a fan of the classic animated Beauty and the Beast movie since I was a tiny Disney fan, so getting to visit the set of the live action version of this beloved film made me quite the happy camper. 

And getting to meet Emma Watson was pretty cool too ;)

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (Rebel Training)

So apparently when you visit the set of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story they make you go through rebel training. Not easy, but very very cool. 


Such an amazing time with the stunt team and the props master. And click below to see the video where we interview Felicity Jones, Donnie Yen and Diego Luna!



Marvel's Dr. Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch)

This piece got a little Strange when we traveled to London to visit the set of Marvel's Dr. Strange and Benedict Cumberbatch conjured a magical portal mid conversation! 

Certainly a first for a Movie Surfer piece!

Disney's Pete's Dragon (Zip-Lining)

This piece was an 11 out of 10 on the awesome spectrum. We got to travel to Seattle and go zip-lining "Dragon Style" to promote the upcoming Disney Movie "Pete's Dragon."

Warning, this piece features me and Sanyee having the time of our lives. Watch with caution. 

 Marvel's Captain America: Civil War

(Robert Downey Jr.) 

We visited the set of the upcoming film Marvel's Captain America: Civil War in Atlanta, GA. 


Got to see some very epic and secretive stuff. And while I was there, got to interview Mr. Robert Downey Jr. himself. 


Not a bad trip.

 Star Wars: The Force Awakens (Daisy Ridley) 

I traveled to London, England to visit the set of this very low budget and equally low grossing movie that you've probably never heard of called Star Wars: The Force Awakens. If you haven't heard of it or seen it you should check it out!


Jokes aside, since this movie was the biggest thing ever, we did ALOT of hosted pieces for Disney Channel. So if you want to see more of them (Daisy Ridley, BB-8, etc.) then I made an entire Star Wars page and you can watch more of them by clicking below!

 Disney's The Finest Hours - US Coast Guard Visit 

One of the most incredible trips we've taken! In this episode we get to visit an active US Coast Guard Base, and meet the amazing men and women who put their lives on the line. 


We also got some in-water training from a rescue swimmer.

So epic.

Disney's Big Hero 6 - Director Interview

The only way to really understand Baymax, is to become Baymax... In this Movie Surfer piece, we interview the movie's directors Chris Williams and Don Hall and really get into character.

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